Aeroseal Home Duct Sealing can improve the comfort of your home, reduce your energy bills, and improve the indoor air quality.



Dust & Allergies

Pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander and other contaminates are common allergy triggers. There is not much you can do about pollen or dust outside of your home but when you’re indoors nothing is worse than having that month long runny nose during the fall or mold allergies in the spring. When you have leaky ductwork in your home you can expect with 100% certainty that these common contaminates are in there with you.

Ductwork is typically run through attics, crawlspaces, basements or even behind walls. When you have leaks in your ductwork, they will suck air from these spaces into your living areas. By sealing your ductwork you can limit the entrance points of your home that allow dust, pollen, or mold into your home and insure a much cleaner & healthier environment. Homeowners who seal their ductwork with Aeroseal experience less dust and allergies in their homes!

Hot or Cold Rooms?

People struggling with high temperature variations between rooms or floors might not realize most of their conditioned air is escaping through duct leaks instead of flowing into their living space! Leaks in your ductwork allow cooled or heated air to escape into your attic, basement, crawlspace or even into your walls. Learn how duct leaks can be the cause behind hot and cold rooms below.

Your HVAC system is using energy to push conditioned air through your ductwork and into your living spaces. When your duct system contains leaks this conditioned air is actually pushed into your attic, crawlspace, or basement. Sealing your ductworks will allow your system to properly heat and cool
your home by keeping conditioned air where you want it.

Lower Energy Bills

Over 90% of existing buildings located throughout North America have air duct systems that contain small holes and cracks that reduce the level of comfort and increase heating and cooling costs.
On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on heating and cooling never makes it to your living spaces because it is leaking out of your ductwork!

Duct leaks are caused by a variety of factors including the age of the dwelling, type of construction, type of ductwork and local building codes. Repairing and patching leaks in HVAC duct systems saves cooling, heating, and fan energy. In air-based systems, ducts deliver all of the heating and cooling to conditioned spaces. Any duct leakage translates into extra air that must be supplied so sufficient heating or cooling reaches the conditioned space. This not only increases effective heating and cooling loads, it also increases fan energy due to increased flow and/or run time
Sealing duct leaks reduces the amount of heated or cooled air the supply fan must handle to deliver the same amount of air to the conditioned space.




Aeroseal can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%! The best part is Aeroseal does not stick to the inside of your ductwork! The only sealant remaining in the ducts will be at the spot of the leak that was sealed. To keep your ducts clean and your home dust and allergen free after the Aeroseal is completed a small unit called an Air Scrubber Plus®. ActivePure™ Technology uses specialized light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviro-scrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen which purify your air and reduce irritating particles that can irritate allergy symptoms. Air Scrubber Plus® extends the life of your existing heating and air conditioning system by trapping dirt, dust, and other debris before it enters through the filter, damaging the coils and blower that keep your system running effectively. A protected HVAC system can last up to 15 years or more at peak efficiency, saving you money on your utility bill every month and reducing the need for expensive service calls. A dirty, unprotected system may need to be replaced in as little as five years. Find out more HERE!

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